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Bad Bug Bite: When To Go To An Urgent Care

If you are one of those people who seems to attract the mosquitoes and ants, you know the drill, and most of the time you come prepared with your trusty stash of bug repellents. But what if you or your children are bitten, and you immediately notice an unusual reaction? There are certain signs that you need medical help. When it’s a bad bug bite: when to go to an urgent care.

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Insect Sting: When It’s Time to Seek Treatment

Insect Sting - spider on webInsect bites and stings are never pleasant, but some stings can cause more severe reactions than others. Some insects are venomous and can cause serious medical issues without treatment. People with allergies to certain types of insects face severe risks from an insect sting. Most stinging insects are most active in the late summer and early fall during the height of their breeding seasons.

As the summer ends, now is the perfect time to learn the signs that an insect sting or bite requires medical attention.

Scratching Can Lead to Infection

Some insect bites, such as mosquito bites, may not cause any severe effects on their own. Most people contend with skin discomfort and itchiness after suffering insect bites. However, excessive scratching can potentially open the skin and cause a secondary infection. If you have been incessantly scratching an insect bite and notice persistent warmth in the affected area, severe redness, the development of an abscess, or a fever, see a doctor as soon as possible.

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Embedded Ticks

Everyone dreads discovering ticks on their clothes or skin after a walk in the woods. When you notice a tick on yourself, remove it as soon as possible by using a pair of metal tweezers to firmly grasp the head of the insect and pull it out. Avoid crushing the tick’s body, which can transmit diseases like Lyme disease into the open bite wound. If you cannot remove a tick completely or cannot reach it, a medical professional can help. If you develop flu-like symptoms after suffering a tick bite, seek medical care immediately.

People with Allergies Face Significant Risks

Many people with allergies may not only contend with hay fever symptoms and sensitivity to tree and grass pollen but also insect bites. Some signs of an allergic reaction include:

  • Itching and swelling in the affected area.
  • The appearance of hives on the skin.
  • Chest tightness and shortness of breath.

Some people with severe allergies may experience anaphylaxis, a potentially fatal allergic reaction. This may entail a sharp drop in blood pressure or even a loss of consciousness. These individuals should consult their doctors about preventative measures, such as immunotherapy or carrying an EpiPen when they go outdoors.

Some Insect Stings Can Be Deadly

Allergies aside, some insects pose significant risks due to their very nature. A few of the insects that could prompt immediate medical attention after stinging or biting include:

  • Africanized honeybees, or “killer bees,” which defend their hives aggressively and sting more than regular honeybees in response to threats.
  • Brown recluse spiders. Their venom can cause necrosis of the skin, leading to infection and permanent scarring without immediate medical attention.
  • Black widow spiders. With venom 15 times more powerful than rattlesnake venom, a bite from a black widow can send the victim into shock. These bites require immediate medical intervention, especially if the victim is a child.

If you or a loved one suffers a sting or bite from these creatures, experiences an acute allergic reaction, or develops an infection after suffering an insect bite, seek medical treatment immediately. Premier Urgent Care can offer top-notch medical treatment for unexpected insect bites.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us for immediate care.

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