Bad Bug Bite: When To Go To An Urgent Care

If you are one of those people who seems to attract the mosquitoes and ants, you know the drill, and most of the time you come prepared with your trusty stash of bug repellents. But what if you or your children are bitten, and you immediately notice an unusual reaction? There are certain signs that you need medical help. When it’s a bad bug bite: when to go to an urgent care.

When You Spike A Fever

Running a fever is your body’s way to put up defenses. If a fever is accompanied with chills throughout your whole body, don’t delay in going to an urgent care facility.

little boy with multiple mosquito bites


If the area around your bug bite begins to swell, pay attention. Avoid scratching it if itches. A rash can also develop and move outward from the bite indicating an allergic reaction to the bug bite. Swelling can also be from a bite by a tick and the development of Lyme disease. This should be treated as soon as possible by Premier Urgent Care Center in Hyde Park, Chicago.

If blisters accompany the swelling you may have been bitten by a spider and the venom is causing the blisters. Be aware this could be serious, especially if you were bitten by a brown recluse spider.

Watch For Infections

Many bug bites cause itching. If you continue to scratch the bite, you can initiate an infection. If you see signs of redness and pus, cover the area with a bandage, do not scratch, and visit Premier Urgent Care Center for treatment.

If a red line forms around the bite area, this is a sign of infection, and you need treatment as soon as possible.

An Unusual Change

If the bite area begins to have a crust or the bite area has enlarged, you could be developing a condition known as impetigo which is highly contagious and will ooze from the bite. See medical attention at Premier Urgent Care Center.

Difficulty Breathing

If you have been bitten by fire ants, you will have a severe itch, become very red at the bite site, and a small blister will form at the top. Some people are allergic and will have trouble breathing. Don’t delay getting medical help.

The summer will provide ample time to be outdoors where bugs live and bite.

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