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Can I Go to Urgent Care for a Dog Bite?

Can I go to Urgent Care for a dog bite? Unless the bite is bleeding profusely or you have multiple bites, the answer is definitely YES. Even the sweetest calmest dog can become frightened and get aggressive with the right (or wrong) circumstances. Don’t hesitate to visit an urgent care with a dog bite. An urgent care is the fastest and most efficient way to be treated.

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When Should I Go to Urgent Care for a Cough?

Any member of your family can suddenly have a persistent cough. Most of the time this is nothing serious or of concern. However, under certain circumstances, a cough can be more than the common cold. If you are unable to see your primary care physician, an urgent care will give you the answers and treatment you need.

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Understanding UTIs and Why to Use Urgent Care

If you have ever had a urinary tract infection (UTI), you know those distinctive signs—the constant urge to pee, the pain and burning, and feeling like your bladder is still full. That’s why you search for immediate treatment to catch the UTI before it gets worse. We are here to explain why seeing an urgent care is a great option for immediate care and faster relief.

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Life’s Essential 8 For Heart Health

It’s almost impossible to watch TV or follow social media without someone telling us how to keep our heart healthy. Our grocery stores are filled with products screaming, “Buy me, I’m heart healthy.” Of course we all want to keep our hearts fit and functioning, but it’s not easy to know who or what to believe. A more credible source might be the American Heart Association who tells us about life’s essential 8 for heart health.

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When To Go To Primary Care vs Urgent Care

When you are injured, ill, or a child is sick with fever, it is best to seek care as soon as possible. When to go to primary care vs urgent care is dependent on several factors. The severity of the illness, how immediate is care required, and of course, availability of that care should all be included in your decision. Let’s go deeper into this question with some examples.

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Should You Go To Urgent Care For A Sports Injury?

Years ago if you sustained an injury, your only option for care was the dreaded emergency room where you might sit for hours waiting to be treated. Times have changed and so have options for your medical care. Today, there are urgent care centers just about everywhere, but should you go to urgent care for a sports injury?

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Concussion Symptoms and When to See a Doctor

Concussions are brain traumas from a hard knock or blow to the head. They can be mild or be very severe requiring immediate medical attention. Children, teens, and adults are all susceptible to sustaining a concussion, and the individual needs to be monitored for symptoms in order to determine how serious the brain injury might be. Pay attention to concussion symptoms and when to see a doctor.

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