DOT Physical Exams for Chicago IL Employees

All drivers of commercial vehicles greater than 10,000 pounds are required to complete a Department of Transportation physical exam both before they receive their certification, and at 24 month intervals for as long as they wish to re-certify.

This physical is specifically used to establish or update the DOT medical certification card, which is necessary for all drivers to carry while operating a qualifying commercial vehicle.

What Happens During a DOT Physical Exam?

Medical History Questionnaire

During your physical, your doctor will be reviewing your medical history as well as measuring the current state of your health. All preexisting conditions will need to be thoroughly investigated, so be prepared to answer lots of questions regarding your health history or the health history of your family.

Basic Examination

A standard examination will also take place to measure your vision, hearing, blood pressure, and mental health. All major organs (heart, lungs, etc.) and bodily systems will be reviewed to check their functionality. It is important to discuss any potential problems with your doctor at this point in the physical to address any possible health concerns that could affect your driving.

Urinalysis and Potential Drug Testing

Depending upon your individual company, you may or may not be required to take a drug test. It is normal for a urine sample to be taken to assess your general health, which may also be used for drug testing if needed. You can refer to your employer and their guidelines for further information if you have any questions about drug testing as part of your DOT physical exam.

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