Fracture Treatment in Hyde Park, Chicago

If you suspect you may have a fracture and are in need of care, visit our urgent care center in South Side Chicago. Our physicians are highly trained in diagnosing and treating a multitude of fractures.

Types of Fractures

Any time a person is diagnosed with having a fracture it means that they have suffered a break in their bone. Although this particular injury is often very minor, it can cause a significant amount of pain, especially in areas of the body that are used frequently.

Stable Fracture

If the two ends of the broken bone are still aligned, this is known as a stable fracture. These types of injuries often heal much more quickly than others, as there is no need to reset the bone before the healing process may begin.

A stable fracture may also be referred to as a simple or closed fracture. Even though this condition is fairly minor, it is still important to seek treatment from a specialist who will be able to help you recover more quickly and reduce your risk for future injury to the area that may complicate the healing process.

Compound Fracture

A compound fracture, which may also be called an open fracture, is typically quite easy to detect. With this injury, the affected bone will pierce through the skin, which often makes it visible from outside the body.

Comminuted Fracture

One of the more difficult types of fractures to treat, the comminuted fracture describes a bone that has splintered into multiple pieces. This can make for a particularly complicated and long healing process.

Oblique and Transverse Fractures

Each of these fracture types possesses a unique appearance in the line of the fracture. If it is oblique, the fracture is determined to have an angled pattern. If the fracture line is horizontal, then it is transverse.

Advanced imaging tests such as an X-ray will need to be performed before a definitive diagnosis of these fracture types can be made.

Treatment for a Fracture

Depending upon the particular type of fracture that you have, the recommended treatment methods may vary. The first step is to accurately diagnose the injury and to then discuss your options with one of the highly trained physicians at Premier Urgent Care Chicago.

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