When Are Stitches Required For A Cut?

When you are bleeding from a cut, a dog bite, or hurting yourself using a power tool or other implement, it is always better to be safe and find out if stitches are required. It is easy enough to find out what medical care is necessary and not risk further complications. Seek the help of Premier Urgent Care Center to find out when stitches are required for a cut.

Check The Bleeding

If you apply pressure to a wound for approximately 10 minutes and the bleeding does not stop, this is a sign stitches may be needed. You may have already cleaned the wound, treated, and applied a gauze bandage. If bleeding continues it’s time to visit Premier Urgent Care Center.

woman caring for deep wound on her hand

Location Of The Wound Is Important

Never try to treat yourself if the wound is near your eyes, your genitals, in your mouth, on your face or hand, or around a joint.

Examine The Wound

If the wound has debris in it or the implement that caused the cut is dirty, you need the assistance of a professional. Same goes for how deep the cut is. If it was caused by an animal bite or human bite, don’t delay in seeking care and possible stitches to avoid infection.

Look At The Size Of The Cut

If it is a deep cut, more than an inch long, and you can’t get it to close up by pushing it together, it probably needs stitches. Ragged edges is another telltale sign. Visit Premier Urgent Care Center.


Puss is not a good sign. Go immediately to an urgent care facility so the wound can be cleaned, sutured, and bandaged with sterile equipment. You may need antibiotics too.

Increasing Redness And Swelling

These are signs of inflammation or infection and a medical professional should look at the wound.

Cause Of The Wound

If your cut was caused by something rusty, you will definitely need to be looked at by an urgent care facility. You will most likely need stitches, a tetanus shot, and possibly antibiotics.

Don’t delay to seek medical care if your wound is similar to any of these situations.

Visit Premier Health Network and Urgent Care Center in Hyde Park if you have suffered a deep wound with any of the above particulars, and find out if stitches are required.

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