Can I Go to Urgent Care for a Dog Bite?

Can I go to Urgent Care for a dog bite? Unless the bite is bleeding profusely or you have multiple bites, the answer is definitely YES. Even the sweetest calmest dog can become frightened and get aggressive with the right (or wrong) circumstances. Don’t hesitate to visit an urgent care with a dog bite. An urgent care is the fastest and most efficient way to be treated.

Doctor bandaging wound.

What to Do Immediately for a Dog Bite

Stopping any bleeding and cleaning the wound are the first things to do. Gently clean the wound with mild soap and let warm water run over the bite for 10 minutes. Then using a clean soft cloth, press on the wound to help stop or reduce any bleeding.

Apply antibacterial cream if you have some at home and wrap the bite in a sterilized bandage. If possible, try to find out if the dog is up to date on shots.

Seek Medical Care

Even if the bite is from your own dog, and you think it is minor, you should still have it examined by a professional like at Premier Health Network in Hyde Park Chicago.

A dog bite comes with a multitude of bacteria like streptococcus. It’s important to quickly get an antibiotic to prevent infection. The best way would be at an urgent care versus an emergency room where you might spend all day waiting.

Signs to get medical care as soon as possible include:

  • Increasing redness
  • Swelling
  • Fever and chills
  • Warmth or pus

If you have diabetes or are undergoing chemotherapy, don’t wait to seek treatment.

The professional staff at Premier Health Network will provide practical and affordable care as quickly as possible.

When It’s Time to Visit an ER

If the dog bite is deep and ragged, there is heavy bleeding, the bite is on the face, or if there is loss of consciousness or trouble breathing, then you should go to an emergency room for care.

Unless you are experiencing these above more serious symptoms, you can visit your nearest Urgent Care for the proper medical treatment.

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