Pre-Placement Occupational Health Exam

Certain jobs require more physical work than others. Individuals working in labor-intensive positions are often required to complete a pre-placement examination as part of their conditional job offer.

What is a Pre-Placement Exam?

A pre-placement exam is a simple test that determines whether or not a potential employee is fit to safely complete regular work duties that will be expected of them in their role on staff.

Legally, employers are not allowed to ask any medically-related questions prior to extending a job offer. However, they may stipulate that the job offer is dependent upon the individual’s results from the pre-placement exam.

What Does a Pre-Placement Exam Consist Of?

This type of exam must be conducted by a licensed medical professional that typically belongs to an occupational health service like Premier Urgent Care & Occupation Health Center. The exam may include an assessment of any or all of the following:

  • A general health questionnaire that also asks specifically about possible health risks associated with this particular job
  • Physical and medical ability to act safely within this new role
  • Review of any recurring health monitoring that will need to take place at regular intervals throughout the length of employment
  • A drug test may or may not be required as part of this examination, though this aspect will depend upon your potential employer and their standard practices.

Why Do Employers Require Pre-Placement Exams?

The primary purpose for conducting a pre-placement exam is to make sure that new employees are healthy, or are at least aware of their existing medical conditions. By taking this preventative step, employers and employees both can benefit from a longer and more fulfilling career.

Safety is another major concern that often prompts employers to request a pre-placement exam. Any employee deemed as a danger to themselves or others is clearly not a viable candidate for a position that can easily affect the safety or well-being of others. This can relate to both physical and mental health.

By completing the pre-placement exam, employees can gain a much better understanding of the types of responsibilities and risks associated with their new job. It can also provide new and improved methods and safety precautions that the employee may not have been aware of before.

Pre-Placement Exams in Chicago, IL

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